Exporting Japan: A Live Episode with the ‘Gunma Vegan Project’

Episode 12 of the Vegan-Carne Alliance podcast is live (and is also our first live episode!).

For our twelfth episode, Brian Moeljadi joins C.W. Moss to experience new vegan ingredients from Japan. This experience is part of the ‘Gunma Vegan Project’, a food-focused Japanese-government initiative to expand veganism in and outside of the country. Two mini-courses are served, one by LA chef Kajsa Alger and another by Japanese chef Kazuki Arai (14:49). We discuss how ingredients spread, our experiences in Japan, and how a name can affect a product. Then, C.W. talks with chef Arai about experiences with veganism in Japan (53:46). After, C.W. is joined by chef Kajsa to discuss using Japanese ingredients to make other cuisines (1:03:09).

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Mezcal and Mole: A Year in Oaxaca with Jesse Mullenix

Episode 5 of the Vegan-Carne Alliance podcast is live.

In this episode, vegan-food lover C.W. Moss (aka me) talks with carnivorous chef Jesse Mullenix about his time in Oaxaca, Mexico. Jesse talks about drinking the finest mezcal from a gas can (1:10:50), radish festivals (53:25), exploring the massive food markets to find the best food (1:18:08), and how to barely survive the Day of the Dead festival (1:27:20).

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