‘Despite All the Buzz Around Fake Meat, Real Stuff Still Pays Off’

Lydia Mulvany and Deena Shanker for Bloomberg:

Imitation meat may be all the rage at the moment, but producers of the real stuff are doing just fine.

Sure, vegan burger maker Beyond Meat Inc. stole the headlines this year with a wildly successful market debut and a dizzying 200% gain. But conventional beef companies Minerva SA and JBS SA aren’t too far behind. Even U.S. meat suppliers like Tyson Foods Inc., hamstrung by the China trade war, have posted their biggest stock gains in years.

For as big of a year as Beyond, Impossible, and every other vegan company had in 2019, we need to remember that it’s currently only a drop in the pond. We’re still David to their Goliath, and our David is a pacifist.