Greta Thurnberg Travels

From Charlotte Pointing:

Greta Thunberg is traveling to America in the most vegan way possible.

True to her message, the 16-year-old Swedish vegan environmentalist is boycotting carbon-heavy planes and hopping on board the Malizia ll — a 60-foot yacht fitted with solar panels and underwater turbines, which generate zero-carbon electricity.

I think this is a radically fun thought experiment. Essentially, what’s the most environmentally friendly way of traveling? How much does a ticket like this cost?

Thunberg’s method of crossing the Atlantic ocean is environmentally-friendly, but it is undeniably inaccessible to most people. She has emphasized that she doesn’t believe that everyone should stop flying, but that we need to make the process kinder to the planet.

I think this is something we’ll be talking about a lot more in the future—not only in air travel but also cars, bikes, clothes, et cetera. How far things have to travel to get to us, or how far we have to travel to get to something. It’s all relative and has an effect.