‘Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities’

From sprawling metropolises to small towns, businesses are updating their menus with exciting animal-free options—which isn’t surprising, considering that the number of vegan Americans has increased by 600% in just three years, according to research firm GlobalData. In fact, The Economist dubbed 2019 “the year of the vegan.”

PETA’s annual top 10 list of vegan-friendly cities is always a fun list for me. I wish they were a little more clear about how they’re making their decisions and rankings. Is it based on the amount of all-vegan spots in that city? The quality of the food? The average Yelp score? The percentage of how many places offer vegan options? Whether anyone still pronounces “vee-gunn” as “vay-gun”? How many people inform the decisions on this list? I have lots of questions.

It’s been a few years since I was really eating in San Francisco much, but I’m really surprised that it’s number one. Shizen is great. Same with Berkeley’s Butcher’s Son — but that’s not really in SF. They must have made tremendous leaps, because when I was there it was sometimes difficult. Of the things they list, I have only had about half — so honestly I should probably bite my tongue. I’m excited to get up there and try everything they mention.

For the record, I also have lots of problems with their LA list too, but that’s a whole nother post.

I couldn’t believe Austin isn’t on the list. Just because of how people talk about its hippie culture, I assumed it’d be somewhere on the top 10. Or Philadelphia. I assumed Vedge and V Street would have some pull there. Lots of people think Vedge is in the running for best vegan restaurant in America. I really want to go to Detroit, and this list makes it seem even more appealing. And Orlando using the pull of The Mouse is a glorious move.

Does anyone else do lists like this? I’m looking forward to HappyCow’s too.