‘United Airlines overhauls its 2020 menu to cater more to the vegan crowd’

Barbara Booth for MSNBC:

Although the airline started introducing healthier options this year, with gluten-free alternatives, the carrier is now focusing heavily on plant-based options, said United Airlines’ Executive Chef Gerry Gulli. Among United’s 2020 offerings: red beet hummus with roasted vegetables; roasted curry cauliflower with whipped hummus and pomegranate; and vegan stuffed grape leaf with dolma infused yogurt.

United is not alone. Turkish Airlines, Air New Zealand, Emirates and Aegean also offer plant-based options. In July 2018 Air New Zealand collaborated with Silicon Valley food tech start-up Impossible Foods, becoming the first airline to serve the plant-based Impossible Burger as part of its Business Premier menu on flights from Los Angeles to Auckland. Emirates claims it has more than 170 plant-based recipes in its kitchen to cater to its vegan customers, and vegan meals rank as the third most commonly requested special meal in economy class.

I’ve had some terrific food on international flights in the past few years. British Airways, Virgin, and Delta all offered flavorful vegan options—usually a curry with rice and vegetables. And always with fresh berries or a wonderful raw, chocolate cake.